Rahamim Haim is a well experienced Mohel who performs circumcisions in all areas of Israel and abroad as well. All this is done over the phone immediately after the baby is born.
Rahamim Haim is a certified Mohel and specializes is Jewish Law and medicine, accredited by professional Mohels and supervisors in Jerusalem.
Rahamim Haim studied medicine for many years with pediatricians specializing in circumcision surgery. He is recognized by the supervising committee over Mohels from the Ministry of Health. (License #419 – see page “certificates”)
He performs surgical circumcisions with local anesthesia (for those interested – and which parent isn’t?). This is done with strict sterilization, with the innovative Autoclave - a device which eliminates any germs from the tools, just as is done in any operating room, at a high level – performed in a laboratory and without a painful injection. (For anesthetizing he uses a natural liquid which immediately calms the circumcised baby without unnecessary pain).
Over the years and up to present, he has circumcised thousands of babies and has gained much experience in this holy mission. His credentials include a long list of rabbis, politicians, paediatricians, gynaecologists, obstetricians and nurses whose son or grandson were circumcised by Rahamim Haim’s.
The circumcision is performed with strict adherence to medical requirements and Jewish law - Halacha.


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