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After the Brit

Immediately upon completing the Brit, you, the parents get instructions from me and the child should be fed.
During the first hours after the Brit, pay attention that there is no major bleeding in the area of the Brit. (a spot of about 3cm in diameter) not including blood spots with urine.
Pay attention that after about 6 hours the baby can urinate easily. In the event of problems you must call the Mohel.
A bath can be given to the baby after every diaper change even immediately after the Brit. In the first days the head of the organ will be red – a color which will change.

Possible Side affects:

One to two days after the Brit a few blood spots might appear on the diaper – there is no need for treatment.
One week after the Brit there is a whitish-yellow secretion at the area of the cut and above it. This secretion is the scab which protects the Brit scar and looks like a thin layer of skin on all of the Brit. This peels off and disappears after two weeks without any need for treatment. Therefore, there is no need for alarm and no reason to try and remove it.
It rarely happens that during the recovery period there is a slight swelling which passes within two to three days without treatment. For quite a while after the Brit, mainly when it is cold and the diaper is wet from urine, the head of the Brit organ tends to turn blue due to the cold. After changing the diaper the situation returns to normal.

After the Brit I come for a house visit which is set in advance by phone. In any case of doubt or question regarding the care of the child – it is best to call the Mohel.

An instruction page for registered parents only is available for downloading at the end of this page.