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Before the Brit

Dear Parents,
Hello and Mazal Tov.

Your son, who is to enter the covenant of our Father Abraham, completes a magnificent link of Am Yisrael.

Thank you for choosing me as your emissary for this Mitzva.

Practical Instructions prior to the Brit:

A child born at normal pregnancy in normal health condition at reasonable weight (2.500kg) can have a Brit Mila on time (on the eight day from his birth). A child who is ill or has had a problem detected, such as fever for example, after birth or during the days until having the Brit cannot have a Brit done on the eighth day until he has completely recovered, for Pikuach Nefesh proceeds all the Mitzvot. A physical jaundice which is detected after birth can allow a Brit if it is under 12mg biliruben (jaundice). In order to remove any doubts it is necessary to get a pediatricians recommendation and authorization to proceed with the Brit.
The Mohel must be made aware of situations where one of the parents is not Jewish, there is a single parent, the child is adopted or if there is any medical problem.

You Will Need:

2 x cloth tetra or flannel diapers
4 x regular diapers
2 x Talit and Kipa
1 x medium size pillow
Hadasim, scented herbs etc. (for the Sephardic tradition)
and “a happy mood”.
If the Brit is at home or at a Beit Knesset prepare sweet wine for Kiddush (sealed) – Carmel Mizrahi Tirosh grape juice is recommended and a chair for the Sandak.

Preparing the Baby:

Food – It is best to feed the baby two hours before the Brit. If the child is hungry and restless and is breastfeeding he can be fed half an hour before the expected time of the Brit.
Cream – On the day of the Brit do not apply baby creams on area of the crotch, anus or sexual organ.
Cleansing the baby – a few hours before the Brit.


The time which we set is the time for performing the Brit. Guests should be invited 45 minutes before this time.